SHADOW - 1.5 - 2 yr old 45lbish Neutered Male Lab/Terrier mix

*** Needs a more experienced owner who can show Shadow leadership


*** Someone with time to train Shadow and give him the mental stimulation he needs to be his best dog!!!

*** A yard is a must and a friend dog in the home might be a great plus for him.  


Shadow thinks he's a lapdog. This boy loves his people, loves to snuggle, and will follow you anywhere so his name 100% suits him-- he will truly be your shadow. 


Shadow originally came into our care in the fall of 2021 after being found in an orchard in California. Due to this he most likely had less  socialization than we'd have liked and it was probably not super positive when he had it.  


We found him a loving home where he lived for 8 months. Unfortunately his family had to surrender him back into our care when they couldn't find new housing that would allow dogs ( yes, this is becoming a very large problem for renters esp with larger dogs).  It was a very sad time for the family as he was an adored family member.  


Shadow is very smart and has a lot of energy so he needs an experienced dog owner who will keep him mentally and physically stimulated. He is very food motivated and would do excellent at agility or sniffer training.


The ideal home for him has a backyard where he can run around to get energy out, as well as another playful dog who he can do zoomies around the yard with. 


Shadow has been tested with dogs of varying sizes and after a proper introduction does well with all sizes, however he sometimes forgets his size so an agile doggie playmate who is 20lbs or over would be ideal. 


Shadow is very skittish around young children, but does extremely well with dog confident children ages 10 and over. He should not be in a home with cats. 


Shadow does well on a leash if he is working, and the person walking him is stimulating his mind and using it as a training exercise. If left to his own devices though he will forget himself and pull. He is very strong so he needs an owner who can commit to working on his leash training and reinforce his good manners. 


Shadow has exhibited fear around some men (barking and trying to retreat) but once he's offered a treat and shown that they aren't a threat he will be their best friend. 


Shadow goes to the door to let you know when he needs to go outside, and has only had one accident in his foster's home when that cue was missed. He would do very well with the bell system, where he rings the bell to let you know he has to go outside. 

SDRBC offers a sleepover period, usually 1-2 weeks (more if needed) to make sure of a match.  Or goal is to make sure the next 10-15 years will be happy ones together. 

Shadow's adoption fee of $ 585.00 (incl tax) includes his bloodwork incl test for heartworm and tick borne diseases (negative), neuter, da2pp, rabies, and bordatella shots, microchip and transport costs from California to BC. He will also come with a new RC raincoat.

If you would like to see if Shadow might be a good match please contact Karen at