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bottle drop-off

Do you have refundable bottles piling up at home or maybe you ran a fundraiser with your friends, co-workers, school, or local sports team? Follow the three easy steps below to donate those bottles to SDRBC!

1. Bag your refundable containers 

Express users are required to put their beverage containers into sealed clear or transparent bags (90 litres in capacity) – then they’re ready to take to any Express location.

2. Tag your bags

Donors need to tag each bag of containers with an Express bag label. At the Express label stand, print bag labels instantly by entering SDRBC's phone number 737-283-3647
(tip: print off extra labels to make your next drop-off even faster!)


3. Drop off bags at an Express location

Once your bags are tagged, drop them off at the Express drop-off area (maximum of 6 bags per visit)

That's it! You're done & you've just made an important impact for SDRBC! 


If you wish to coordinate a fundraiser for SRBC, we'd be so grateful and would love to help get the word out on our social media. Please send us an email to let us know more about your fundraising efforts!

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