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courtesy post for owner



**** Can be single dog in the home


*****Adult home (possibly with older teens) with breed experience


****Working dog-needs a job



2.5 year old approx 30lb neutered cardigan corgi/ blue heeler (cowboy corgi)

Meet Reggie- bought as a puppy and raised in a family home over the past 2 1/2 years, his owners have come to make the difficult decision to re-home him. His breed traits were probably not the best match for a family home with young children.  Their goal is to make sure he is placed properly so that he can go on to enjoy the rest of his life. SDRBC will be assisting the family with that.


Adorable Reggie has some great assets- He is fully house broken, not destructive in the home, in good health, can be left home for periods of time alone with no anxiety issues, good on walks, and knows basic commands ( sit, stay, come, leave it, go to your bed, etc)


Has nervous anxiety around kids, big groups, unpredictable situations (door bell ringing, loud noises, parties, etc). Herding/ growling/ barking tendencies with children, will also growl or bark when he feels cornered. Has some resource guarding issues with food. Does not like to be crated but is ok to be left in small rooms. 


He is awesome and pretty low key when home with one or two calm adults. He likes exercise and long walks but will also nap and lay on the couch with us and is pretty easy going when the kids aren’t home. Never had issues with other dogs. Likes to play with them. 

Would be best in a calm home with one or two adults or possibly older teenagers (no young kids). Would love outdoors people that would take him on walks, hikes, adventures, etc. Might love agility type activities. Likes to fetch a ball and run. 


He is a great dog (smart) with a lot of potential but needs to be with someone that is willing to work with his quirks and has experience/ knowledge of herding breeds/ working dogs (not suitable for a busy family with children). 


SDRBC allows a sleepover period. Our goal is to make sure everyone agrees on the match.


Reggie's adoption fee is $ 450.00 and will be donated to Small Dog Rescue BC Society. 


Reggie is currently living with his owners in Langley BC. If you'd like to see if he might be a match then please email



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