Hello all

My name is Bruno (which means “bear” in some languages…somewhat apt in my case) and I am a dense 20lbs, neutered, 4 year old mixed breed. Karen says I'm a Wasco Purebred named for where I come from.   I am just a unique kinda guy who is looking for his forever fam.

I came from a home where I lived outside so I am learning all that it takes to be an indoor dog.  I have been training this lady to take me out, and even though I  have a small fenced yard at my disposal, I still insist that she walks me before I will do my business - even when it’s raining outside (insert evil laugh).  

All kidding aside, my personality is friendly and laid back and not a lot ruffles me. I am good with other dogs and even with the kids I have encountered since arriving in Canada. I do get a little anxious when I am left at home alone with my foster brother and will howl and whine for a little while after the door is closed and I’m on the wrong side of it, but I usually settle down after a bit. I like car rides so I don’t know why I can’t just go along for the ride every time. Not very thoughtful if you ask me - right, lol.

Apparently, I also have a playful side.  My foster mom has caught me with a few toys that I won’t admit I like, and I sometimes get the zoomies, but I’m still adjusting to house life so have only shown glimpses of that part of myself. Maybe you are playful too and can help teach me how to make those silly toys squeak all by myself. 

My adoption fee is $ $800 (incl tax), which goes towards my transport, neuter,  knee surgery, dental, microchip and updated shots.  If you would like to meet  me to see if we are a good match, please contact Karen at


Ciao for now