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****Patient home needed for this bonded pair who were an owner surrender due to health.  They were apartment dogs with a single person for a long time and not taken out and socialized. Patches came to us extremely fearful and is progressing but very slowly.


****No children in the home. 

****Housetraining will still need to be worked on but they do use puppy pads. 

Mousie - 9 yrs (guess) 5.2lb chihuahua spayed female

Mousie is a tiny bundle of love and cuddles. She is the biggest diva of a dog though. She wants to be carried so she refuses to walk on a leash. And there's no way she'll let her feet get wet! She loves to burrow under the covers and curl up to something warm. She is house trained but still has accidents in the house once in a while, mainly when it's raining outside. 


Patches - 5 yr old 14lb terrier mix spayed female  

Patches is an extremely sensitive girl. We've been working on her fears of pretty much everything. Especially outdoors. She's more confident on her walks now but will need a very patient person to work with her on her people fears. Slowly introducing her to others until she knows they're not a threat. Her only friend and companion that she trusts is Mousie. She loves her and needs to be with her. And if she sees Mousie getting petted and receiving attention then she's willing to be part of it too. She is still working on being fully housetrained. She knows now to go outside but still will go in the house as well, possibly due to noises outside that scare her. They both know to go on puppy pads inside. 


SDRBC allows a sleepover period. Our goal is to make sure everyone agrees on the match.

Patches and Mousie's adoption fee together is $ 800.00 and goes toward their extensive vetting: vaccinations (da2pp & rabies), spay, dentals, (Mousie's hernia repair) full panel bloodwork, (Mousies urinalysis & X-rays), microchips and worming.  


All SDRBC dogs receive a free month of Trupanion pet insurance. 


They are currently being fostered in Abbotsford BC. If you'd like to see if they might be a match then please contact Karen at

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