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***** Looking for another relaxed and mellow dog in the home to help mentor her as she can be shy in new situations.  

Lulu -  6 month old mix breed  15.2 lb female 


Say hello to Lulu – our golden girl.   Her face – complete with those legit wrinkles that give her a permanently raised eyebrow vibe. When the treat vibes are strong, she's got the patience of a zen master, but you might catch a whine or two at supper while she waits (she's got the whole dramatic thing down, ya know?). She's acing "come," "sit," "hand," and even "lay down" like a pro but still working on her "outdoor business".    


While the great outdoors is still relatively new to her, I'm betting she'll be all about those long walks and explorations once she finds her groove and a mentor buddy to show her the way.  

Lulu's adoption fee is $ 896.00 which includes her spay, 3 sets of puppy shots (DA2PP, Bordatella).  She has also been microchipped and de-wormed.  She will also get a month of free Trupanion pet insurance.   

Lulu is currently in foster in Langley BC.  Preference will be given to an adopter who has explored, researched and commits to puppy training classes. 

If interested in Lulu please email to see if she might be a good match.  


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