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Meiko - 8 yr old 17lb Jack Russell/Min Pin x neutered male.



Meiko was probably surrendered to a shelter  - He was picked up as a 3-5 mo old stray in early 2017 by animal control in a rural town in California. At the shelter he was terrified (deemed aggressive) and given no human touch other than a catch pole for about a year before I met him. I spent 4 days at the shelter with him, gaining his trust and then had him moved to a foster, also in California. where he stayed for another 6 mo's without handling but comfortable with a small pack of friendly dogs.  


He has lived here at Karma Farm for coming up 5 yrs in April.   In that time he fell in love with our big bully breed dog Sarah who sadly  passed away last May.  So attached to her, we included him at her passing and it was a very sad day for us all.  We have worked with him trying to gain his confidence and socialize him.  He's made amazing progress and feel he's ready to take the next step and have his own forever home.


While he will need a patient owner who will let him come around in "his time" it won't take long to have your best buddy.  Having a big or small friendly dog would be a plus as he's usually the greeter dog when we bring in new fosters.  While he can be easily spooked (old habits die hard), he still loves his walks in the trail with our dog walkers and fellow foster dogs.  

KOHL'S BEST HOME:   No kids under 14 due to Kohl's shyness and a single adult or couple would be best for him. One with another dog or dogs would be great to build his confidence and self esteem. Kohl loves to hang out on the couch and sleeping curled up under his blanket at my feet in bed is his favourite!!!!  Morning sillies are part of our routine and have made a huge difference in his self confidence.

We allow a sleepover period to make sure of a proper match and will work with you to make sure you have all the tools you need.  

Kohl's adoption fee is $ 600.00 and includes his recent dental, neuter, da2pp and rabies shots, microchip, jacket, collar, harness and leash.

Contact Karen at for more info and to see if Kohl might be a good match.

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