My name is Willie and I am a friendly 14lb, 7 year old fella of Spanish descent (that sounds way more sophisticated than “chihuahua”). I am actually an SDRBC alumnus but my owner passed away recently so here I am, looking for a best buddy again. But don’t be too sad for me – I am a super upbeat guy and
don’t let much get me down. I have had all my shots and I am neutered.

My foster mom says I am the cutest little amigo. I make her laugh when I hide under my blanket and just stick my tail out from under the covers then wag it like crazy. I will do pretty much anything for a laugh :D I *am* a little bit whiny, but mostly because I’m just so darned excited to be alive! I do love my toys and, well, everyone else’s toys, too.


I am not looking to start a diet because I came into foster as a selective connoisseur who likes to dine on delectable foods such as pepperoni, scrambled egg and roasted chicken from Costco – preferable fed to me by hand. My foster mom says that is going to change but I can be pretty stubborn so we will see who wins this battle. I went 4 whole days without eating a proper meal until she
broke down and bought me that chicken! Then I ate the crappy kibble that my roommate brought with her cuz that’s how I roll.

Other than my weird eating habits I am pretty easy to get along with. I’m good with other dogs, friendly with people and love to get belly rubs and bum scratches. I like to go for walks (even though I’m not super talented on the end of a leash), am house trained (except sometimes I leak a tiny little bit when I’m really excited) and am just looking for someone who want to relax with me for the rest of my days.

SDRBC allows a sleepover period to make sure of a match before completing the adoption. 

Willie's adoption fee is $ 550.00 and includes his da2pp and rabies shots, his microchip and neuter  

Email Karen at smalldogrescuebc@gmail.com to see if he might be a good match.



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