Hope - Approx 2 yr 22lb Terrier mix female 

*Special needs (Urinary incontinence)



My name is Hope and I'm an approximately 2 year old, sassy little mongrel with an awesome mohawk! I came to Canada from California on December 12th and have been living with my foster family ever since. I really like Canada, because my life in California wasn't so easy. 


I was found on the streets by some really nice people who saw that I was struggling trying to give birth to puppies. They rushed me to the vet and I was really, really sick. The vet said that the puppies were the size of Great Dane puppies (that's really big for a 22 pound dog like me!) My 3 puppies sadly didn't make it and I needed multiple blood transfusions to help me live. I stayed at a really nice lady's house for a bit and she told me that I was going to be Canadian soon thanks to a dog rescue angel named Karen! 


Karen brought me home and I met my foster mom and human foster sister a couple of hours later. They have two rescue dogs of their own, and Karen thought it would be a nice, warm place for me to land while we looked for my forever home. 


I had never had a home before, so I didn't really know what it was like to be a pet. I had never walked on a leash, didn't know any commands and pretty much hid in my bed for the first few weeks. 


My human foster sister, Bella, worked really hard to help make me feel safe and bring me out of my shell. She taught me a lot of things like how to walk on a leash, how to sit, heel, give a paw and be a good pet. She celebrated every milestone that I made. She was so excited when I started walking on a leash that you would have thought I had started reciting Shakespeare. Anyways, I digress. 


I am now looking for my forever home. Here are a few things you should know about me. 


1. I currently leak urine so diapers will be a must when in the house.  . Unfortunately, medication is not working.   I started acupuncture last week and we are keeping our fingers crossed but there is always a chance it could be a forever thing (you try pushing giant puppies out of a 22 pound frame!) My forever home would need to be prepared for me to wear cloth diapers while in the house. Karen also thinks that living on a farm where I get to spend days outside working and just wear diapers at night might be a good situation too.


2. I am very, very smart and food motivated. I pick up on new concepts really quickly and my brain is always working. A home where I could do agility classes, scent training or maybe even have a job would be ideal for me! Because I'm so smart I also can get bored easily so I'll need a home where someone is home during the day, or if they aren't where I'll go to doggie daycare to keep me entertained. 


3. Since I lived on the street for my entire life, I got really used to being able to either run right up to something that interested me, or run away from something  that scared me. The fact that I can't do that when I'm on a leash makes me anxious. I whine a lot when walks if I see something in the distance that catches my attention. I also bark when a dog passes by that I either want to be friends with (or am scared of). I also have a hard time when someone walks by me with a hood and a mask, or little kids run by or speed by on scooters. My foster mom says that she thinks that my anxiety will go away with more training and as I get more comfortable and confident being on a leash. Because of this though, it would be best if I went to a home with an experienced dog owner and they should plan on doing training classes with me. 


4. I love my human foster sister and brother. My foster sister Bella, is 12 and I adore her. My foster brother Adam is 8 and I REALLY like him now too, but I was a bit more nervous around him at the beginning. My foster mom doesn't quite trust me around toddlers and smaller children so a home with older kids, and kids who have dog experience would be best. 


5. Speaking of dog experience-- My dog foster brother's Mochi and Marley are the best. We are three peas in a pod and I have looked to them a lot to learn what things are right and wrong. I would do really well with another confident, well trained dog(s) in the house. 


6. I LOVE to snuggle and hold hands. It's pretty much my favorite thing ever. There's nothing that makes me happier than snuggling up on the couch with my foster family and resting my paw on my foster mama's hand. It took me a while to get to that point though. I'll need a family who is patient and willing to give me some time to come out of my shell, so they can really get to know me. Karen says that's what sleepovers are for! 


Want to meet me and maybe have me come for a sleepover at your house? Let Karen know you are interested in meeting me by sending an email to smalldogrescuebc@gmail.com. Please let her know if you have any questions too! My foster mom and sister are happy to answer them. 


Look forward to possibly seeing you soon,

SDRBC offers a sleepover period, usually 1-2 weeks, to make sure of a match.

Hope's adoption fee is $550.00 +pst and includes her bloodwork incl heartworm and tick borne disease test, spay, da2pp & rabies shots, microchip and transport costs from California to BC.


She is currently fostered in Richmond BC.

Please email Karen at smalldogrescuebc@gmail.com to see if she might be a good match.  


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