3 yr 9 lb Spaniel neutered male

* Special Needs (Paraplegic) - Code for Perfect Puppy!!!

Hey Folks !! 

Trooper, Super Pooper here. 


I wanted to introduce myself to everyone and put it out there that I am now ready to find a long-term relationship with the person/family of my dreams. I am a 3 year old, 9lb long-hair Chihuahua mix who is full of beans and love. 

Full disclosure – I am apparently what’s referred to as a “paraplegic”. I’m not exactly sure what that has to do with anything because I don’t feel any different than any other dog but I’m told you might need/want to know that in advance. That said, I love to go for walks in my wheelchair, sniff stuff, eat stuff, chase stuff all over my foster mom’s house…basically all the things you would expect from any self-respecting boy-dog. I have a very happy disposition, really don’t bark a lot, and while I can be a bit squirmy when someone picks me up, I secretly love to be cradled like a baby (but I will deny it if you tell anyone!) 

Some of the things my foster mom has learned how to do since I arrived from the cat rescue I lived at for two years after my accident are how to express my bladder so I don’t get bladder infections, how to get me to eat when I’m being finicky, how to exercise my back legs to help prevent further muscle loss, and what works best when it comes to keeping me clean and tidy. I wear a size XS belly band most of the time because even though I need my bladder expressed 3 or 4 times a day, I do ‘leak’ sometimes. We did try diapers but they don’t really work when I go #2 because it just falls out the tail hole. My foster mom and I think that’s actually pretty funny. Fortunately, I eat a healthy raw-food diet now so my bowel movements are not messy and are easy to pick up without a huge cleanup. I’m pretty regular and even predictable when our schedule is consistent. 
I have been to the specialist and even though I can pull myself up to all fours sometimes and have a little bit of feeling in my back legs (deep pain sensation) there really isn’t a good chance of me recovering mobility so I am content to live my life as I am – my so-called ‘disability’ doesn’t cause me pain, I don’t require any medications (other than a healthy diet and lifestyle) and I’m just happy to be alive and curious about the world around me. 

My absolute perfect match would be with someone who lives in a one-level home (but that’s not a deal-breaker) maybe has an older small dog who still likes to play and if there are kids in the family, probably older ones so they can understand that I might be nervous around unpredictable energy. I also don’t like to travel very much and even get car sick sometimes, so someone who is home most of the time would be ideal, though I am okay being left on my own for a few hours so long as I have a yummy snack to keep me distracted. 


My foster mom has discovered that LOTS of people want to stop and talk about me when we are out walking, so if you are someone who maybe has a little social anxiety and trouble starting conversations with people, I am your guy! You won’t even have to try – people will just want to talk to you and be friends with us :) Not a bad deal, especially as we recover from all this social distancing we’ve had to do lately.

My adoption fee is $550 + pst which includes bloodwork, heartworm & tick borne disease testing, neuter, da2pp and rabies shots, microchip and transport costs from California to BC. I also come with a custom-fit wheelchair and supply of washable/reusable belly bands and pee pads so I can continue to be an eco-friendly pup. 

If you'd like to arrange a 1st date, please contact my agent Karen at