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Tianna - 12yr old 13lb Pug Chihuahua spayed female 



*** Perfect dog for a senior who likes to walk and socialize and is home.

*** Some anxiety - see below

*** Monthly meds of approx $ 40/mo

Super Senior Tianna had a tough start in life but has been in a loving home for the last 7 years living with a vet tech.  Due to issues with the large dog in the home who she has started reacting to, her owner has made the difficult decision to re-home her for safety reasons.


Tianna loves people and attention, and enjoys her walks and hikes. 


While overall healthy, there is some early arthritis in her spine and she gets gabapentin daily and a cartrophen shot monthly. Due to her harsh past, she does have anxiety but it only shows when around loud, younger, bigger dogs and mild separation anxiety.  When left alone she will settle after a short while.  


She's generally very quiet and loves cuddling up to watch shows and movies with her people. Her favorite treats include dried chicken strips and dried liver, and she enjoys hard kibbles and dental food.  

SDRBC offers a sleepover period, usually 1-2 weeks, to make sure of a match. 


Tianna's  adoption fee of $ $ 200.00 will go as a donation to our rescue for the help in placing her in just the right home.  She is currently located in Mission. 


If interested in Tianna, please email to see if she might be a good match.  


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