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TAZOR - 8 month old  4.5 lb Male Yorkshire terrier

The definition of ADORABLE is right here!  This little guy isn't your average small dog. If you go to the water you'd better bring his water wings as he's gonna go for a dip!  He loves his precious toys and knows their names if you ask him to retrieve them.  Hangin at daycare, one of his besties is a Great Dane.  He loves his people and snuggling on the couch or lounging in bed with you.  He loves a good game of tug o war! He ain't no poofy purse dog although wouldn't say no to a cool sports t-shirt or hoody as long as he approves of your team ;-)!!! He'd make the best right hand pooch!

He will bark is someone comes into the house or on the property but after a quick intro he's everyone's bestie.  


We are looking for a home where he'll be a prized addition to the family. Older kids 10+ would be ok and another small playful dog welcome. Coming to work would be awesome as he loves to say hi and make everyone enjoy their work day.  

Diet is important being so small so he needs someone who will keep him on his healthy diet and make sure he gets all the proper vet care including dentals when needed.  


Tazor is currently residing in South Surrey BC

Tazor's adoption fee is $ 896.00 and includes his neuter (to be done), da2pp, rabies and microchip.  

If you'd like to see if Tazor might be a possible match, please email

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