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SPIKE- pending adoption

IMG_1650 2.jpg

SPIKE - 2 yr old 13 lb neutered male Terrier mix 

**** Dog experienced adult couple or single who don't have a busy household due to the fact Spike on occasion without provocation will try to nip at ankles. This is a sporadic behaviour that would be best addressed with a trainer. 

Notes from foster mom Jacquie:

This otherwise very easy going, chill doggy name Spike (aka Teddy) is such a pleasure to foster.

He enjoys adventures out at the beach, parks, nature walks, lying in the sun & playing with his stuffies & chew toys.

He will chase squirrels & “nacho” the squirrel in our hood loves to toy with him. 

Still not sure about encounters with big dogs; as he barks at them & I haven’t let him engage fully yet to figure out if it’s to play or what? Off leash he has been fine with some of the other foster dogs.  He is friendly with dogs his size but may lunge with some & believed to be start of play with them. He has made some great friends on our local strolls & was invited to Archie’s dog party as they got along so well. 

Walking him is most enjoyable.  Saunters on pavement & enjoys a bit of a gallop on grass & sand.

Currently staying with cats & he would love to be friends, unfortunately my cat is not having it currently, so my guess depends on the cat. 

Sleeps well in his dog crate at night. 

Working on simple commands such as “sit” & follows “stay”, wait when crossing roads, ‘I will be back” sits nicely tail wagging, “come”, “this way”. 

Limited barking when someone knocks at the door or encounters a big dog.

Not a huge fan of water (bath) yet doable. Loves belly & back, head, ear rubs, cuddles are amazing too!

Overall a very lovely dog with an adorable personality.  Anyone who adopts him would be very lucky.


Spike is currently fostered in Richmond BC

Spike's adoption fee is $ 896.00 and includes his neuter, bloodwork (including testing for heart worm & tick borne diseases), da2pp and rabies and microchip. Due to the pre-adoption vetting we do Trupanion will also give Spike a free month of pet insurance.   

If you'd like to see if Spike might be a possible match, please email

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