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**** Med size doggy playmate and calm mentor dog in the home if possible

**** Adopter has experience and will help her with her fear of meeting new     dogs (see below).


1-1/2 yr old 40lb Corgi mix 'low rider' spayed female 


Scarlett was born in Aug 2021 in rural Manitoba and had a Mom and a couple of siblings who have been adopted here in BC.  I had hoped to possibly keep her but my time running the rescue is not conducive to the time needed to train a young dog.  I want her to be her best doggy.      


She is personality plus, gets ooh's and ahh's wherever she's seen and loves to sleep on her back, sit up with her legs over any railing and give you the most precious loving looks.  Loves to be tucked in at night.   She can be very nervous in introductions with new dogs (she had a very bad experience with a large rambunctious dog as a young pup) and dog parks are not fun for her.  With proper introductions she can settle and has been great playmates with them. 


She would do great with some more direction and an obedience class would do her wonders. Her sister is in home where she does agility and is doing great! 


If you are looking for a cute hefty medium size piglet low rider who will keep you laughing and don't mind replacing the odd shoe or phone charger cord if you don't keep her exercised and brain busy then she just might be your girl.  

SDRBC offers a sleepover period, usually 1-2 weeks, to make sure of a match. 


Scarlett's adoption fee of $ $800.00 + tax ($896.00) and includes her spay, da2pp & rabies shots, microchip and transport costs from Manitoba to BC.  She is currently fostered in Langley BC 


If interested in Scarlett, please email to see if she might be a good match.  


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