aka Sare Bear bo Bare her little bestfriend

   Colin D. Feral (Kohl)


Sare Bear Bo Bare,........ Our "not so small" dog and her little tumor Kohl.

Are you a bully enthusiast?  Do you have experience owning one? Do you have a child & pet free home outside of the city with a fenced yard? If so, have a look at this girl. about a little extra gift....a small dog who has fallen in love with her?.....Well then we have just the duo for you.    

Sarah and Kohl are seeking a committed bully savvy human who is up for a little bit of a project. Both are beautiful dogs but need an experienced dog home. As Sarah is a big dog who loves to run, the ideal home for them would be in a rural setting far away from the city life. She requires a big secure backyard as she does not do well with off leash areas and dog parks.  Sarah can be fearful in some situations and would do best with a confident handler. She is approximately 8 years old and was found on the streets in Bakersfield at about a year old starving. She came to us in Dec 2012 and was adopted for a year from 2017-2018 then returned because the owners wanted to get another dog.  She is a lover and will hog the couch and bed and has non stop tail wags when she is a happy girl.  

Kohl was picked up as a 3-5 mo old stray by animal control and taken to a shelter where he had no human touch other than a catch pole for about a year before I met him. I spent 4 days at the shelter with him gaining his trust and then had him moved to a foster in California. Unfortunately he stayed there another 6 mo's without handling but hung out with a small pack of friendly dogs.  We've been working with him since he came and he is so much better today.  He will now come up and take food from my hand and let me pick him up (altho tense) and tuck him into his and Sarah's bed at night.  I'm confident in the right setting with a patient owner who will build his trust over time, he'll be an amazing dog.  Both dogs enjoy walks in the trail by our home.  

We are looking for a specific home for these two and would love to chat with you if you think you might be it. No harm in inquiring.  No kids, due to Kohl's shyness and a single adult or couple would be best for these two. We have enjoyed working with them here at Karma Farm  There is nothing cuter than watching Kohl gush over his 74lb girlfriend.  

We allow a sleepover period to make sure of a proper match and will work with you to make sure you have all the tools you need.  We will support this adoption forever.  

Sarah and Kohl's adoption fee is $ 350.00 and includes  spay, da2pp and rabies shots, microchip.

Contact Karen at for more info and to see if they might be a good match.