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Roxy - 1 yr old 20 lb Boston terrier mix spayed female 


Meet Roxy! You know that saying about a dog being a human's best friend? I think they must have been talking about Roxy when they wrote it! This girl is definitely looking for her forever best friend. 


Roxy absolutely loves people. Wherever her person is, that's where she wants to be. She does not like to be alone (and does not do well being left alone) but will happily go everywhere with her person. 


At 20 pounds Roxy is the perfect size for adventures. She loves going to the park (she carries her ball with her to and from the park and it's the cutest thing ever), she LOVES playing fetch, going for walks/hikes, going for car rides, jumping, running, playing, rolling in the grass and being a goofball. 

Roxy is great with other dogs, but can be anxious/nervous on a leash when other dogs are around. She does fabulous with off leash meetings though. She loves to play, but doesn't need to be in a home with another dog. If given a choice she would much rather be with/play with her human than another dog so having a very present human in her life is much more important for her than having another dog. 


Roxy would do best in a home where someone is home during the day. She is definitely looking for her best friend that will take her places with them and have her be a major part of their life. 


Roxy seems to especially bond with women, but she's great with men and kids too. She does love to jump though, so if going to a home with kids it would be best if they are dog experienced kids and ages 8 and up.


Roxy is nervous about going to the bathroom around people until she has bonded with them, so she tends to hold it and then go find a place where she can be alone to potty. Once she has bonded with someone though, she will go to the bathroom in front of them. We suspect a few accidents will probably happen in her new home until Roxy is feeling comfortable and then housetraining should come easily with positive reinforcement and lots of praise.  Don't let her size fool you as she'd make a great little adventure partner in the trails.   


SDRBC offers a sleepover period, usually 1-2 weeks, to make sure of a match. 


Roxy's adoption fee is $ 896.00.  She is spayed, up to date on shots (da2pp & rabies) and microchipped.  She is currently located in Richmond, BC.  

If interested in Roxy please email to see if she might be a good match.  


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