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**** Could be a a great family dog with older kids

****Good with most other dogs (may need some training on leash)

2 yr old 13.5lb, Poodle mix, neutered male

Sammy is a velcro boy who would love to hang out with you all the time....the back of my  office chair is his favourite place.   He will sit nicely for a treat and sit/wait for his dinner to be placed on the floor before tucking into it.  He sleeps in a crate at night but would be happy to join you on the bed if you prefer a little pillow partner.  He is also able to be calm in his crate if needed while you are out for a short while.  He's still quite young and a bit of a chewer but can be redirected with an appropriate chew toy.  Sammy is mostly housetrained but has had the odd "accident" in the house if  you miss his cue to go outside.  

He love, love, Looooves playing and tugging with toys. He plays rough and needs to be reminded to not use his teeth when he gets excited.  He also will mouth your hand when he wants attention.  He's a bit reactive with dogs he doesn't know (especially big dogs) but does play well with our 30lb terrier.  I have not let him off leash at the dog park unless we are the only ones there.  His recall will need to be worked on before letting him off leash.   

He wants to be with his person 24/7.  He'll be on your lap or lying at or near your feet.  He's been exposed to children and gets along well with our 10 yr old grandson.  He also did well with our dog savvy 3 yr old grandneice. 

SDRBC allows a sleepover period. Our goal is to make sure everyone agrees on the match.


Sammy's adoption fee is $ 856.00 He's neutered, had a full blood panel including testing for heart worm and tick borne diseases (currently being treated for anaplasma - a tick borne disease he showed no symptoms for. He is almost finished his antibiotics and will be tested again in 2 weeks.  His adoption fee also covered his DA2PP, & Rabies shots, wormer, microchip and transport costs to BC from California.  Also, ALL SDRBC dogs receive a free month of Trupanion pet insurance. 


Sammy is currently being fostered in Langley, BC. If you'd like to see if he might be a match please email Karen at

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