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**** Prefers females

****Good with other dogs

2 yr old 13.5lb, Daschund/Chihuahua mix, neutered male

Robbie, along with being adorable, is a clever and affectionate dog whose love for treats significantly enhances his training. He’s incredibly sweet and constantly seeks cuddles, showing a preference for female companions. When encountering males, Robbie becomes reserved, often responding with a nervous bark and maintaining his distance. It's worth noting, however, that Robbie has been great with all dogs he's encountered so far, showcasing his sociable nature with his fellow canines. 


Currently, he manages well during my 8-hour workdays, resting quietly by my side until it's time for his eagerly anticipated walks. Once he's aware it's time to go out, his energy knows no bounds, capable of walking and playing for hours before tiring.

Robbie mastered commands like stay, sit, give paw, lie down, and roll over within just a few days, and I'm optimistic about his capacity to learn even more tricks in the future. His potential for training seems limitless.

I've also been focusing on helping Robbie become more comfortable spending time in his kennel. So far, he's been doing well, staying calm on his own for a couple of hours before becoming uneasy. Our strategy involves plenty of play and exercise to help extend these periods of calmness.

Every day with Robbie is filled with new challenges and joys as he continues to grow more confident and calm, learning about the world one treat and cuddle at a time. Robbie would likely thrive in a home with a single lady or a female couple, where his preferences and personality can be fully accommodated and appreciated.

SDRBC allows a sleepover period. Our goal is to make sure everyone agrees on the match.


Robbies adoption fee is $ 735.00 He's neutered, had a full blood panel including testing for heart worm and tick borne diseases (negative), DA2PP, & Rabies shots, wormer, microchip and transport costs to BC from California.  All SDRBC dogs receive a free month of Trupanion pet insurance. 


Robbie is currently being fostered in New Westminster BC. If you'd like to see if he might be a match please email Karen at

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