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**** No apartments or townhomes (she will bark when left alone).

**** Best as an only dog (she's very possessive of her toys)

Rhea - 3 yr old lb Poodle mix spayed female 


Rhea is an absolutely adorable little poodle mix.  This little energizer bunny wants to be your side kick 24/7.  She is super affectionate and spunky and loves to play with toys.  She will resource guard her toys and food so she should be the only dog in the home.  


She prefers her people to other dogs although with proper management she has done ok with my pack of 9 other dogs. She would do best in a home with older kids (12 +).   


She can get overly excited when out on walks (barking when she sees dogs or people) but with proper structure and a more experienced handler she does fine.  She is a dog who could do hikes and would be a great adventure dog!  If you are looking for a partner dog who would do great outdoors, in agility or in obedience competitions, Rhea would be your girl.  

SDRBC offers a sleepover period, usually 1-2 weeks, to make sure of a match. 


Rhea's adoption fee is $ 896.00. She is  spayed, up to date on shots (da2pp & rabies) and microchipped.  She is currently located in Langley, BC.  

If interested in Rhea please email to see if she might be a good match.  


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