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**** Partially paralyzed and will need a special home.

**** Easy going boy who loves life 

Reese -  3 yr old 16lb Pug/Chihuahua mix male

Reese was adopted out in January 2023. Earlier this year he injured his back and required specialist surgery to try to repair it. The outcome is he is still partially paralyzed and will need a home where someone knows or is willing to care for a dog like Reese.  


Here is what his owner has to say about the outcome of surgery.

His hind legs are partially paralyzed. He is able to move them slightly and can stand when initially supported. He tries to "walk" when he is in his outside harness. The neurologist said that whatever improvement he can still make in the next four weeks will be his permanent status, so we are using the prescribed exercises to get him as far as we can. He cannot control his bowels or bladder, and that will be permanent. He needs to be in a diaper/belly band during the day, and has to sleep in his crate at night. He is not on any medication and eats and drinks normally. He follows us everywhere by dragging his feet behind him and will need to be monitored for sore spots.


He is a happy camper throughout this, very accommodating in letting us try different things on him to make life easier, like booties, socks, pants, etc. He loves going for walks, snuggles with us while we watch TV, and is just a really good dog.

Reese will come with his wheelchair and stroller. 

SDRBC allows a sleepover period. Our goal is to make sure everyone agrees on the match and that the new owner will be supported through the process. 

Reese's adoption fee is will be waived for the right person.  

Reese is currently with his owners in Vancouver, BC. If you'd like to see if he might be a match then please email

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