MEET  REBEL! (Blind)


Rebel is a beautiful 1-1/2 year old spayed female Husky approximately 40lbs. 


Her owner got Rebel as a puppy and trained her daily. She was really chill at home and very energetic outdoors She was an awesome adventure companion.  She knows all the basic tricks: sit, down, paw, spin, stand up and high-five. She also learned how to run next to you, hike in the snow, run alongside a bicycle and ride the back of a motorcycle in a backpack. She accompanied her owner on many adventures and she loved her life!


Unfortunately, Rebel got sick just over two months ago and within a couple of days had lost most of her vision. She was treated with steroids as well as drops, but these medications make her a little tired and very hungry. After a recent specialist appointment her meds are being changed to see if she can regain some of her energy.  Her vision will not come back and there may be some ongoing medical needed.   


Sadly, Rebel has also become depressed since she can't do all the active things she used to do, and she’s not been interested in playing with her dog friends. Her owner says he hates watching her suffer inside his small Vancouver apartment.    


After consulting with him and meeting her, we feel Rebel needs a new home where she can go outside on a ground floor level and have access to a nice yard where she can learn the physical boundaries and have each access to potty.  Also a kind dog she could bond with and become a mentor/playmate.  A family with older kids would be fine as Rebel loves people.  Someone who can look past her disability and help her thrive and live her best life.


If you think you might be able to offer her a potential home and possibly have experience with a blind dog, please contact Karen at to learn more about her.