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My name is Paulie and I am a 15 pound, 11 year old pug-chi mix, here to find my ride or die family. I am a dog’s dog – I sorta like people I guess, but need an emotional support dog to keep my confidence up. High energy, low energy, no energy…it doesn’t matter much to me because I get along with all other dogs, even the biatchy one that lived in my foster home when I arrived here in July 2018. She has moved on and I have had several short term relationships since then, but I’m ready to settle down now. 

While my eyesight isn’t 20/20 anymore and I only have one tooth left, I still have all my own hair and enjoy walking, snacking, sleeping and getting massages. I tend to act aloof with my foster mom when there isn’t another dog in the house but I keep her on a pretty short leash and have a good idea where she is and what she’s doing if we are in different rooms. I usually follow her, eventually. But when I have a foster sibling around and they are trying to hog all the love and affection, well that gets my attention and I’m in there like a dirty shirt to get my share.  

Otherwise, I am a friendly, chill kinda guy who rarely barks or makes a fuss, but I also have a playful side and a tail that tick-tocks like a metronome when I meet others of my species on walks around the ‘hood.

I recently had a checkup and the doc says I’m fit as a fiddle. I am told I look and act much younger than my years so it must be the healthy diet and regular exercise I get. I do require eye drops twice a day, but take them like a champ because I get breakfast and dinner right after each application.

If you are looking for a handsome fella to add to your pack, I am more than happy to make time for a coffee date to see if we have the right kind of chemistry.


Please contact my secretary, Karen, at to set it up. Look forward to meeting you nose to nose really soon!



SDRBC allows a sleepover period to make sure of a match. 

Paulie's adoption fee is $350.00 and includes his neuter, da2pp and rabies shots, previous dental and microchip.  Paulie is currently fostered in Aldergrove BC. 




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