"Manitoba Marshall" as he's affectionately known is an approximately  2 year old male mix breed with looks similar to a Labrador Retriever.  I met him in Jan 2019 on a volunteer trip to help a fellow rescue place dog houses and food in a First Nations community in Northern Manitoba.  He was the first dog I met and carried the same name as my only son.  He held a special place in my heart and it was sad to leave him.  He greeted us with his toys and was very friendly.    











Fast forward 10 months when I was tagged on a Facebook post requesting help rescuing him. He was tied up outside during the cold Manitoba winters where he would be attacked by the stray dogs. We immediately found a flight and brought him to Langley BC.  Upon vet examination, testing and x-rays due to a very slight cough (which revealed he's heart worm +, it was noted Marshall had endured being target practise. (see photos)













Marshall is currentlay receiving Heartworm treatment under the guidance of our veterinarian and will need to follow the protocol in his new home.  It's very easy and requires a dose each 2 weeks until late August where he will be tested again. SDRBC will work with the adopter and pay for the treatment. Marshall can be energetic but not overly. Currently he enjoys his trail walks and playing in our large yard with his toys and balls.  He LOVES his toys.  This boy can jump a you'll need a high one.  He really just wants to be with you, so will look at all avenues if you leave him on the other side of the fence.  Perhaps some agility training is in his future.


After our observations and his history, we feel a more experienced adult home or with young adults would be the best match.  Someone who loves to have a side kick and has some land or is in the outdoors often.  Someone who can give him time and obedience training to be the best dog he can be.  His history of being attacked by stray dogs, probably suggests being an only dog unless the dog is very mellow and smaller.  He's cohabiting quite well with our small dogs. 



Marshall will make a wonderful addition to the right family and setting.  He deserves a chance and we will take as much time as both he and his adopter's need to make sure.  


SDRBC allows a sleepover period to make sure of a match before completing the adoption. 

Marshall's adoption fee is $ 550.00 and includes his Heartworm treatment, da2pp and rabies shots, his microchip, neuter and transport costs from Manitoba to BC.  

Email Karen at to see if he might be a good match.


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