I’m Max and I am a recovering scaredy-dog. Before I became a Canadian, I spent my short life on a chain, living under a trailer so I’m just learning what it means to be an inside dog who is loved and valued. My foster mom is working with me on my self-esteem and says I’m doing pretty good as long as I don’t have to meet too many new people too quickly.  I am about a year old, 18lbs, and although I look like I would leave hair everywhere, I hardly shed at all. Everyone thinks I’m the cutest thing so who am I to argue?

The big things I am figuring out right now are how to walk on a leash and that even though people feel scary to me, mostly they seem to be kind and gentle. It helps if they approach me low and slow and don’t force themselves on me. I get to practice that when I go to work with my foster mom once a week.  


One thing I don’t really like is when I get left at home alone so it would be good if I had a pal dog to hang out with during those times. I get along with pretty much all other dogs so I’m not super picky about who my housemate turns out to be. Perhaps you have a girlfriend When I feel secure and comfortable I’m quite playful and like chewing on my stuffies (or my foster mom’s slippers if she doesn’t put them away like she is supposed to)  In fact, I might even be a little possessive about my toys but I will share if I *have* to.


I will be happiest in a home with no children because sudden movements still really scare me and that might be a part of my personality for the rest of my life. Time will tell.


If you would like to meet to see if we are a match, please email and my ‘agent’ will get back to you to set up a date/time.


SDRBC allows a sleepover period to make sure of a match before completing the adoption. 

My adoption fee is $ 550.00 +PST and includes my da2pp and rabies shots, my bloodwork (incl heartworm and Tickborne disease testing), neuter and microchip.  

See you soon ~ Max


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