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Hi! I’m Jimmy!  What’s your name? 

Can I sit on your lap? I love to sit on laps. It’s my most favorite thing to do! Except maybe eat – I love to eat. I am a high-energy 11 year old Miniature Manchester Terrier, weighing in at a whopping 8 pounds. Five pounds of body, 3 pounds of ears.


Some people say I look like a newborn fawn, all legs and ears and I guess they aren’t wrong. I’m kinda needy like a baby, too – I don’t like it when my person leaves me home alone – it makes me scared that they won’t ever come back and I need my person. Because they have a lap. And sitting on laps is my favorite thing to do. Except maybe eat  🙂. I think I'm this way because my previous owner left me outside and didn't feed me properly.  Lucky a neighbour watched what was going on and talked them into letting me go.  

If you are someone who is home most of the time I would be your very bestest friend EVER because I would adore you no matter what. Because you have a lap. And I love to sit on laps 🙂. I will let you know if you leave me - so apartments or townhouses might not be the best fit.

Apparently, I am also pretty entertaining. I dance for my dinner. I fake pee when it’s cold out 😏 so I can come right back in. I poop funny. I bury myself in blankets and you will think you lost me. I’m a funny guy!

While having my check up my doctor noted I have a murmur in my heart.. and says it's Gr. 5....that's good right?  I sleep a lot, am low energy so don't need to go jogging every day.  I am neutered, up-to-date on all my shots and had my dental where I lost a lot of teef !! 

My adoption fee is just $250.00 so if you would like to meet me sometime, please email Karen at

I would love to test drive your lap, you know…make sure we are a fit  SDRBC allows sleepover periods :-) ) (I’ll fit…I fit on all laps) Can’t wait to meet you!!



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