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Jasper - 12 week old mix breed  small male dog  

Introducing the coolest pup on the block – Jasper!


Looking at his siblings and Mama, you wouldn't believe this little fur ball is from the same litter.  Look at that plush, white fur!!   You'll wanna snuggle him 24/7, especially when he's giving you those puppy-dog eyes for some belly rub action.  He is like a happiness grenade. Seriously, this dude is all about playtime and his smile game is strong. But here's the thing – he's got a turbo boost that wears off, so expect him to crash in the most hilarious sleep positions.


Jasper's already a pee-pad pro indoors, and he's aced "come," "sit," and "hand" commands, showing off his smarts to match his adorable looks. He's beyond ready to bring his boundless love and loyalty to his forever fam.

Jasper's adoption fee is $ 896.00 which includes his 1st and second puppy shots and microchip.  He will get a month of free Trupanion pet insurance.   The adopter will be responsible for the 3rd set of puppy shots including da2pp booster and rabies along with neuter at approx 6-9 months.  

Preference will be given to an adopter who has explored researched and commits to puppy training classes. 

Jasper is currently located in New West, BC.  

If interested in Jasper please email to see if he might be a good match.  


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