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 Hope is a 25 pound, 2ish year old spayed female terrier mix who was found on the streets of California alone and in the throws of birthing puppies.  Unfortunately, the first puppy got stuck 1/2 way out and died. She was found in crisis, and taken for an emergency c-section. They tried to save the rest of the pups but it was too late and tragically, she lost them all. It was noted these pups were far too large for her to birth naturally and we believe in trying to so do she injured her urethra. Because of this she will leak small puddles of urine so her foster have been keeping her in washable diapers in the house.  In an attempt to help with this issue, SDRBC in consultation with our vet, tried medication and acupuncture but neither made an improvement. She is currently taking a daily vitamin B complex and after a few weeks, her foster mom says she had her first  "dry" day today.  


It's fairly clear that this sweet little girl suffered some emotional trauma before landing with Small Dog Rescue BC. Her foster family have been caring for her for just over 4 months and have gained a lot of really great insight about her. 


Hope is the type of dog that is going to take time and TLC to help her to continue to become her best self, but the payoff will be huge-- She will be your furry BFF.


Inside the home, Hope is a wonderful, sweet and loving dog. She is housebroken (other than her leaks), sleeps in her kennel at night and loves to snuggle on the couch and "hold hands". Inside the house she loves hanging out with her people ( Mom, Dad and two dog experienced kids 8 and 12) and her 2 foster dog brothers, Marley and Mochi.  


Hope's foster family lives in a residential neighbourhood with lots of homes, townhouses, an elementary school and businesses.  Outside the house, Hope becomes anxious and because of this she can be reactive and will require a more experienced dog handler. Her foster family has been working with her with the help of Amber Cottle Canine Training. The plus is that Hope is extremely smart and food motivated and does best on walks when her mind is constantly engaged so that she's not worrying about the "what if's" in the distance. This means a lot of "Hope watch me", "Hope sit", "Hope paw.", zig zag paths, switching of directions and keeping things fresh. A quieter more country lifestyle might be a better fit for Hope.  


Hope loves her foster dog brothers, but at this point is reactive to dogs who are not a member of her pack so will need a handler who can work with her reactivity.  We think that this is definitely possible if the proper effort is put into her training.


If Hope is adopted by a family with children, they would need to be older, dog experienced and understanding that Hope will need time and space to develop trust.  Hope does very well with the other dogs in her pack, so we think she would do well in a home with another calm, well trained dog.


Hope loves to run around and play off leash in a fenced in area so a fenced in backyard would be ideal for this sweet girl.


Hope's foster family wants potential candidates to know that Hope has the sweetest heart, and that they know that the effort you put into this sweet girl will yield such a huge reward. She's not the "easy" dog that's going to come into your home and be perfect from day one, but she is so smart and food motivated that the potential of what she could become with the right family is huge.


They are available to answer any questions you may have about Hope.

SDRBC offers a sleepover period, usually 1-2 weeks (longer if needed) to make sure of a match.

Hope's adoption fee is $550.00 +pst and includes her bloodwork incl heartworm and tick borne disease test, spay, da2pp & rabies shots, incontinence vetting, microchip and transport costs from California to BC.


She is currently fostered in Richmond BC.

Please email Karen at to see if she might be a good match.

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