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FINNIGAN - 10 yr old Neutered Male Deer head chihuahua mix

**** Prefers Woman 

**** Quiet home 

**** Good with Cats

****No small children

Finnigan's owners have moved to a new home on acreage with lots going on, too many people coming and going for Finn's liking and he's having none of it.  After some time to work things out, it has been decided that he would feel much better in a home where it's more like what he had.   

Finn loves his little walks, women and a quiet home. He likes other calm small dogs and gets along with cats . He is afraid of loud noises and chaos, small kids and some men.  He'd love a regular routine with his new person and not too many people coming and going to the home.  He is a quiet companion for the most part but thinks he's a great guard dog in some situations where he thinks he needs to take charge.     

He is in great health, neutered and up to date on all his shots etc. He takes a health supplement for his liver and doesn’t like having his nails trimmed (typical for many dogs). 


Finn's adoption fee is ($ 500.00 + tax) $560.00 


He is currently living with his family in Langley.  


If you'd like to see if he might be a match then please send and inquiry to

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