EXPERIENCED ADULT ONLY DOG ADOPTERS living in the Lower Mainland or Fraser Valley area but will look at others if criteria is matched.  

** No children

** No cats

** Only dog in the home

** No condos/apartments - Needs a home with a fenced yard.

This adorable just turned 12-year-old 17 lb boy is seeking his retirement home. Unfortunately, due to his previous history he will need an adult only home and someone who will take time to build a bond and not require him to entertain too many guests in the home. Absolutely no children.  

Crosby can be so very sweet but will need to have an experienced handler who can read him.  He gives good cues when he doesn't want to be touched.  He is crate trained and housebroken, is active and LOVES his ball so he'd be happiest in a home with a fenced yard where he can run and play.

FROM FOSTER MOM - Crosby came into my life in Sept 2021 and we have had a journey!   With time, we have come to trust each other which means there are more and more things we can do together. Like morning massages – Crosby loves a good rub down in the morning (not so much in the evening) and even lets me pick off his eye crusties now, which previously meant a trip to the groomer. He will need time to trust his new person and will let you know when you are about to cross a line so it’s extremely important to read his body language and respect his boundaries, even after months of living together.

Crosby also loves to go for walks around the neighbourhood and can be curious and friendly with other small dogs he already knows but we usually cross the street when a bigger dog is on our path. Or a cat! Definitely no cats for this boy!! He also hates crows, apparently. Very high prey drive so I pay attention and avoid adding more energy to a stressful (for Crosby) situation. 

He certainly does adore chasing his ball around, even in the house. My yard is small so most of the time we play inside but as the weather improves we will spend more time outside. He is SO cute when he comes inside from doing his business and bounds around like a fluffy little lamb, and loves when I clap my hands behind him like we are going to play a game of ‘chase me!’  Again, something that developed over time.

My home is pretty quiet with not a lot of visitors coming and going and that would be the ideal type of situation for Crosby going forward. I did try taking him to work with me but it was too overwhelming for him so he stays home and ‘guards the house’ on the few days a week that I work away from home. He is not destructive or noisy when home alone, although I usually find a piece of my clothing on the ground when I get back, which he lays on for comfort because it smells like me. I should probably just leave my laundry on the floor - lol

We have discovered that a strict, kangaroo-based diet is best for Crosby as he is susceptible to getting yeasty and can end up with very irritated and inflamed ear canals that cause him pain. I do not feed him a lot of treats that might cause a problem, although he really does love a kernel or five of buttered popcorn when we are watching Netflix together. So far, they haven’t been an issue. 


One way I have been working on his resource guarding is by putting his meals down but making him “wait” a few moments before giving him the go ahead to chow down. I also make him “drop it” when he brings his ball back to be thrown again because he can become quite aggressive when I try to take it from him. For him it’s just play but has the potential to lead to an unintentional bite so we just don’t go there. Same with tug toys, which is play we do not engage in for the same reason. 

Crosby is super smart and has so much character! He will be a very affectionate and playful companion for the right person/home, preferably one where he is an ‘only child’ but with access to playmates he is compatible with. He does have a ‘girlfriend’ in our neighbourhood and they have a great time together but he can also be somewhat possessive and protective over his person so a ‘live-in’ pal might be more than he can handle on a full-time basis. I could go on for days about this boy and am happy to answer any questions/share my experiences with a potential adopter. He is going to be a perfect fit for a lucky someone out there.

Again, to save time replying to emails, we will not be looking at any homes that have children/teens or activities with the children.  We will first look at homes in the lower mainland so we can support the placement but will also look further for a potential adopter who meets all the criteria.

Crosby's adoption fee is $ 267.50 (incl tax).  

If you think you could offer him such a home, please email Karen at