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**** Patient single or couple adult quiet home

****Another little playmate and mentor dog would be helpful

Dottie - 7yr old  Chihuahua mix spayed female 

Dottie is a Chihuahua mix, and somewhere around 7 years old. She had a big move from California 2 years ago, and was rescued from a hoarder. She has been living with her current family since July 2021. She only has 4 teeth, because of a lack of vet care before coming to canada, but that doesn’t stop her from enjoying all her favourite snacks and chews.


Dottie is a snuggly loving girl. She can always be found under a blanket, or wrapped in her parents arms. She has lots of energy, and enjoys walk in quiet neighbourhoods, or a day spent wrestling with he sister. She lives for snacks! She loves bell peppers, mini cucumbers, and best of all cheese! She is trained to use a litter box with puppy pads, since she can find it hard to hold her bladder during the night. 


Dottie is a chatty girl, and will always alert you to someone at the door, or sing you a song from the couch when you get home. Dottie does have very low tolerance for new people in her home. She unfortunately has not been able to get over her distrust of people outside of her chosen 1 or 2. She will run fearlessly at guests and bark, and sometimes bite at shoes. 


Dottie will thrive in a quiet home with 1 or 2 people max. No children, and no large dogs ( She isn't a fan of her big brother).  She would be happy with a small dog under 15lbs, as she LOVES to wrestle and zoom around with her sister. She needs a calm, and patient person who can love her, let her sleep under the covers, and share veggies with. She has a loud bark, but does know to come back when called. Snowy days she preferred to do her business inside on the pad, as she is a California girl at heart. 

Dottie's adoption fee is $ 450.00 and will be donated to our rescue from her owner.  She is up to date on her shots (da2pp & rabies), and microchipped.  

If you'd like to see if Dottie might be a possible match, please email


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