Kenzo - 10 yr old 8lb neutered male Poodle 


om suastiastu!

That means “hello” in Balinese, which is where I arrived from on September 18th, 2022. 

My name is Kenzo and I am an 8lb fluffy ball of pure joy, despite the circumstances from which I came. I spent a good part of my 10 years in a cage, non-consensually producing offspring for my owner to sell for profit. Luckily, a couple of women who lived in my neighbourhood were able to rescue me from that life and long story short, here I am on the west coast of Canada, looking for my ride or die fam!

I am a super friendly guy, happy to meet all the people I’ve encountered since arriving here in paradise. My foster mom can hardly believe I’m 10 years old because I still think I am a puppy. I love to play with a ball, snuggle with stuffies at bedtime, run around like a maniac when we are playing ‘catch me’ and I’m tiny and huggable and love to be on a lap or wherever my current person is.

Right now I am learning to walk on a leash with the help of my foster brother’s example, and working on ‘house rules’ about bathroom business – when you live in a cage you don’t get many opportunities to make good decisions for yourself.  I am a really smart cookie and quickly pick up new information so I can make my foster mom proud.


For now, I wear a belly band (around my privates) in the house (how embarrassing) but I’ll figure it all out and be able to ditch that thing before too long.

Sometimes I bark at other dogs if they are being rambunctious, and I have barked at big dogs on the other side of the road when out for walks, but I think I would probably like them if given a chance to say a proper hello (my foster brother does not like big dogs so we are always on the other side of the road when they pass by)


At home I am mostly pretty quiet, although I did have a good barking contest when left alone with my bro a few days after arriving, but a neighbour came over and told us the rules and we stopped (it was all Crosby’s fault, anyway -hee hee)  


I’ve also gone to work with my foster mom and it is soooooo boring I mostly sleep quietly under her desk – she is super impressed with what a good boy I am!


Other than some bald spots on my elbows and knees (which should probably grow back with my new healthy diet) I got a clean bill of health from Dr. D (the SDRBC vet) – no obvious joint issues, nice white teeth, good bloodwork, fully vaxed before I came to Canada, AND…I will never be a baby-daddy again so I come with no extra baggage! 

I am so looking forward to meeting my new Canadian family!!

terima kasih! (Cheers)

Love Kenzo

Kenzo is currently fostered in Aldergrove BC

Kenzo's  adoption fee is ($500.00 + pst)= $535.00.  All SDRBC dogs receive a free month of Trupanion pet insurance. He will also have a new RC raincoat. 

If you'd like to see if Kenzo might be a possible match, please email