If only she could tell us her story,..what seems to be a very sad story of neglect and possible abuse.  Meet this little 8--10 lb poodle mix, spayed female Blair Witch Project....aptly named for Linda Blair's exorcist character after she made a heck of an entrance into the shelter when someone dropped her off outside the shelter door over night in a crate that was too small for her. Matted to the hilt....she was not happy about being extracted and let everyone know just how much. We don't blame her one bit though...those matts must have been so painful!!!  - See her before and after photo.


Our little Blair had a vet check up and bloodwork done to make sure she was ready to be spayed and have a dental cleaning (all done now). During her check up it was noted she's abit of a wreck with loose knee caps and a grade 2 heart murmur (she doesn't let it slow her down).  As far as age goes, we can't determine exactly but are giving a guess at around 6-8 yrs old. Hard to determine because of her poor condition when we got her which makes her look older than she possibly is.  No medication is needed at this time but yearly checkups is a must.    


Other observations tell me she is going to need a special where they will give her time to settle in, not need a touchy feely dog from the get go and be able to read her cues (you can touch me, now you can't)..she does a little teeth chatter to let you know she's uncomfortable.  An adult home is a must where there will be no children who might not be able to read her cues, or stress her out. Blair needs to be in a home where she is the only animal.


I LOVE this quirky little girl....with her crazy hyper ADHD energy and kisses when she loves you..... She gets so excited when I come home.  She loves to sleep in (not really a morning girl) and don't even try to get her out of her bed without breakfast being ready and on the table. I think in the right setting this girl will steal your heart like she has mine.     


SDRBC allows a sleepover period (usually a week or two). Our goal is to make sure everyone agrees on the match.

Blair's adoption fee is $ 225.00 and includes her spay, da2pp and rabies shots, and microchip. 


If her bio hasn't scared you off....and you'd like to see if she might be a match then please contact Karen at




BLAIR was excited to get out of that crate and meet the shelter staff.  She was a MESS!

Blair hanging at Karma Farm


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